Home News #EXO Chanyeol’s hair loss is upsetting many fans

#EXO Chanyeol’s hair loss is upsetting many fans


On June 8, a post shared on an online community revealed Chanyeol‘s recently captured bald spot. As you can see below, Chanyeol lacks hair right in the crown of his head.

Fans are assuming stress from his rigorous schedule is the cause of Chanyeol’s hair loss. Netizens full of worries for the idol star commented, “Fortunately, that bald spot in shape of a coin is caused by stress, so hair can regrow after a good amount of rest… I am not Chanyeol’s fan, but it’s sad to see his hair loss. He must be under a lot of stress”, “SM peeps, let him rest. It’s okay if they promote with black hair, so stop destroying their hair”, “Hul, he’s so young though T.T he must be really stressed out”, etc.

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