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#IOI’s first subunit has been announced!


On June 10, YMC Entertainment reported that a total of 7 members, Kim Do Yeon, Kim So Hye, Kim Chung Ha, Im Na Young, Jeon So Mi, Pinky (Joo Kyul Kyung), and Choi Yoo Jung are confirmed to promote in a subunit.

Regarding members Kim Se Jung, Kang Mina, and Jung Chae Yeon, YMC said, “The members who are not included in the subunit will go back to their original labels to promote with the groups that have long been prepared under their agencies.” 

Yoo Yeon Jung‘s label Starship Entertainment also explained her exclusion as they stated, Yoo Yeon Jung has gained experience by working alongside friends with various talents, and we have decided that she needs more practice on other areas than singing. She will use her experience with IOI as a foundation and return to the group’s promotion after more practice and improvements.”