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Jung Jinwoon: “I heard too much “Don’t” during days at JYP, stressed out everyday”


Jinwoon signed with Mystic Entertainment this past April, and it seems the change in agency is what led to the starkly different concept of his recent comeback with “Will” than what we’re used to from the singer. At the recent showcase for his comeback, the 2AM member expressed, “I heard ‘no’ 99% of the time [while I was at JYP and Big Hit Entertainment.] Everything wasn’t denied. With Big Hit, I was able to release the album ‘You Walking Towards Me‘.”

He continued, “I really changed my music. After wondering how I can appeal to listeners, I came up with my music now. Before, I would do songs I could sing with an acoustic guitar, but now that’s changed. Firstly, it was stressful to get permission and finish a song. It’s because I couldn’t just show my passion, but I had to show everything. I worried what would happen if things went wrong. I was stressed out every day.”