#TEENTOP’s Niel is under scrutiny once again for date with his alleged girlfriend


    According to a netizen report, Niel was recently captured with the same girl who has continuously been involved in dating rumors with the idol star. It wasn’t too long ago that Niel apologized for the ongoing rumors; however, he was again spotted with the same girl, making fans even more furious.

    The reason fans are angry has nothing to do with the fact that he’s dating, but that he’s “lying” to them about his relationship. In fact, many fans have already turned their backs, with numerous fan pages closing down. 

    Netizens are again bombarding Niel with criticism, saying, “Daebak, he’s crazy”, “He can no longer deny this.. Just open up about it! Stop trying to deceive fans”, “Just accept it. We’re not stupid..”, etc.