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Viewers outraged at ‘Lucky Romance’ for derogatory reference to ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ + MBC apologizes


Viewers of MBC‘s ‘Lucky Romance‘, particularly those who’ve also watched drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me‘ in the past and/or are fans of Ji Sung, are outraged for a derogatory reference from the currently airing drama’s 6th episode.

On the episode, female lead Hwang Jung Eum meets up with a man who goes by ‘Red Knit Cha Cha’, after a shaman tells her that she needs to sleep with a man whose zodiac animal is a tiger. To check that the man’s sign is really a tiger, Hwang Jung Eun scans his id, learning that his real name is Cha Do Hyun. But in the end, it turned out that this Cha Do Hyun was actually a sex offender, and the police show up to arrest him.

Those of you who watched ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ will remember that the name Cha Do Hyun also belongs to Ji Sung’s former drama character. Because in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, Cha Do Hyun was a man riddled with guilt after failing to protect a friend from abuse, viewers found it incredibly inappropriate and derogatory that the same name was used for such a villainous character in ‘Lucky Romance’.

Viewers took to ‘Lucky Romance’s website to write, “Don’t use the name Cha Do Hyun like that. Yesterday’s broadcast was the definition of shock and horror. Did you know what kind of character Cha Do Hyun was in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ when you wrote that?”“I couldn’t suppress my shock and anger toward the fact that a former drama’s lead character was turned into a criminal”, and more.



MBC has stepped up to apologize for the controversy surrounding the use of Ji Sung’s character name during the June 9 episode of ‘Lucky Romance‘.

The official announcement stated, “The fake ID shown on ‘Lucky Romance’ was just set that way. It did not have any intentions to make a derogatory reference. Not even 1%. However, it is our fault if it offended ‘Kill Me, Heal Me‘ fans. We apologize, and we will be more careful.”