FNC and #Hongki disagree on whether F.T. Island will come back in July or not?


    During the boys’ ‘V‘ app, Hongki had talked a bit about their new album, revealing that all the songs were self-composed by members. He joked, “I think I was going to die recording the song Jaejin made.” Insiders had then revealed that the group would be coming back in July, which seemed to be confirmed by Hongki when he posted an article about their July comeback on his Instagram.

    However, it seems FNC Entertainment might have something different to say, as they told Star News, “F.T. Island is coming back in the second half of the year. But their comeback date is still unconfirmed. The members themselves talked about their comeback on ‘V‘ app, and they’re talking about their comeback date with the label. The songs on the albums have to be prepared, so we can’t say for certain when they will come back. Please wait a little.

    F.T. Island also complained about their label FNC Entertainment.

    On Naver V App’s live broadcast for the band’s 9th anniversary, they took time to celebrate the special day with their fans. However, controversy arose as Hongki said, “Our fans gifted candles to all of our company employees, but nobody has thanked us. I hate FNC.” Jaejin also commented, “We have to hurry and leave there. Seriously, nobody contacted us (after receiving the gift). It makes me mad.” 

    The controversy was stirred up even more as Hongki and Jaejin’s statements were edited out of the clip after the broadcast. Fans are now growing suspicious about the relationship between F.T. Island and FNC Entertainment.

    Netizens commented, “They looked serious when they said that. If they are talking that way after being with them for 9 years then something must be really messed up,” “FNC barely promotes F.T. Island. They need to leave that label,” “Is it difficult to say thank you or happy anniversary? FNC is not taking care of them at all,” etc.