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More specific details for Park Yoochun’s accusation of raping a woman are coming out


The Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are currently investigating the charge submitted by Ms. Lee, accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

According to the filed complaint, Park Yoochun is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. Lee in the bathroom of the room in a Gangnam entertainment establishment/liquor bar in which Ms. Lee and Park Yoochun were drinking in around 5 a.m., June 4.*

The two met each other for the first time here, and they had only known each other for about one hour. The filed complaint describes that Ms. Lee expressed her unwillingness. She was sexually assaulted, however, and the charge of sexual assault was submitted to the police on June 10, around a week later after the alleged incident took place.

The police has requested that the National Forensic Service conduct a DNA analysis on the evidence of underwear and clothing that Ms. Lee submitted.

There was no CCTV inside the room in which the alleged incident took place. The police were only able to examine the CCTV recordings of the hallway, and they did not find anything suspect in the recordings.

The police will soon call in Ms. Lee for the investigation, and then summon Park Yoochun for questioning.

Park Yoochun began his mandatory military service last year in  August, and he is currently serving as a public service worker at a district office in Seoul.

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*The original Korean report stated that the incident took place on the night of June 3, and new reports specify that it is early hours of June 4. The dates are not a typo. The understanding is that while technically, time past midnight on June 3 is June 4, descriptively, many still see it as the night of June 3.