Which girl groups are most likely to disband?


    K-Pop fans were in great shock by the numerous group disbandment in 2016. This year, countless groups, especially girl groups like 2NE1, 4minute, miss A, and Nine Muses, faced changes as members departed or the group completed disbanded.

    Fans are now falling into terror as they worry about remaining girl groups. Out of all, f(x), SECRET, and Rainbow are receiving the greatest attention as their contracts are coming to an end this year.

    Netizens also believe the three groups are most likely to face disbandment in the near future. The reason is due to their lack of promotions as well as various rumors. Previously, Sulli left f(x), and rumors arose about Krystal‘s departure from the group to join her sister Jessica at Coridel Entertainment.

    SECRET have not promoted as a whole since 2013 and were even subject to rumors about trouble among the members. On the other hand, Rainbow seem to have great teamwork, but continuously failed to present a hit song.

    Netizens shared opinions about the three groups as they commented, “SECRET is definitely disbanding soon,” “Rainbow should find a new company to promote under. I hope they succeed,” “f(x) will renew their contract, but Krystal probably leave,” etc.