[BREAKING] Alleged victim #4 accuses Yoochun of sexual assault


    Another sexual assault allegation has been filed against Park Yoochun. This makes it the fourth case thus far respectively.

    The fourth individual has brought similar allegations compared to the previous three individuals. She stated that they had been drinking at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar and Park Yoochun took her to the bathroom inside the room they were in and sexually assaulted her in 2015.

    Likewise, the first and second individuals said Park Yoochun sexually assaulted them in bathrooms at entertainment establishments/liquor bars. Also, the second individual revealed Park Yoochun locked her up in the bathroom before sexually assaulting her. Therefore, she also accused him of forcible confinement.

    The police previously created a special taskforce of six individuals designated to work on Park Yoochun’s sexual assault cases. With the additional allegations, the police have added three more team leaders who work on sexual violence cases for the Seoul Metropolitan Police. The Park Yoochun taskforce will now comprise of nine individuals investigating the cases.

    Furthermore, the police stated that they will investigate whether Park Yoochun is guilty of sexual assault, forcible confinement, prostitution, and other crimes. If it becomes verified that the individuals received money for sex, the individuals pressing charges against Park Yoochun will also be subject to punishment.

    Previously, the first individual pressed charges against Park Yoochun earlier this week. However, she later dropped them and rescinded her statement. The second individual stepped forward and claimed Park Yoochun sexually assaulted her last December. Earlier today, the third individual accused Park Yoochun of sexually assaulting her on June 12, 2014. These charges have prompted C-JeS Entertainment to release an official statement revealing their plans to file blackmail and false accusation charges against the individuals accusing Park Yoochun.


    C-JeS Entertainment has revealed through an official statement that it will be taking strong legal action against the individuals accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

    It states:

    “We sincerely apologize for becoming involved in an incident that is greatly affecting society.

    “C-JeS Entertainment has tried to refrain from responding to all the various reports regarding Park Yoochun.

    “It is because we thought it was the proper order to respond legally only after police investigation results came out, rather than to respond to the media when the truth has yet to be determined.

    “But we have come to see that it is meaningless to wait for the police results as we have observed the various indiscriminate allegations being lodged against Park Yoochun.

    “First, we plan to file a complaint on Monday of blackmail and false accusations in regards to the first [sexual assault] allegation, of which the facts have been determined, to the Gangnam Police.

    “As soon as the facts have been determined for the second case, we plan to also strongly respond.

    “We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation to prove Park Yoochun’s innocence and for the rehabilitation of his image.”