[BREAKING] Third woman accuses Yoochun of sexual assault


    Following yesterday’s shocking news that a second woman has accused Yoochun of sexual assault, a third alleged victim has come forward.

    Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station has confirmed that a third woman has filed a complaint accusing Yoochun of sexual assault, and her statement reveals a similar pattern of alleged abuse by the idol star. This recent supposed victim filed the report on June 17 at 1:40PM KST, citing a alleged rape by Yoochun that occurred two years ago on June 12, 2014 around 4AM KST.

    According to the woman’s report, she and the JYJ member met at an adult entertainment business/bar in Gangnam on June 11 of 2014. They drank alcohol with a group of individuals at the establishment before going to Yoochun’s home, where they had more alcoholic drinks.

    Like the two women before her claimed, Yoochun took her to a bathroom and sexually assaulted her. The only difference between the three sexual assault claims is the previous alleged victims stated they were raped at their place of employment, while this third woman is accusing him of assaulting her in his own home.

    The police have stated they’re currently looking into the allegations and are planning an investigation.