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[MV] Kisum – No Jam



This album defines “what I’ve been wanting to say”. The lyrics may not be all that epic, but they aren’t cliché like some of the popular songs. They are simply stories that I, Kissum, wanted to share. They represent every day of the 24-year-old Cho Hye Ryung.

For some, the songs may become the freedom to quench the thirst in our busy everyday lives. They may be the loneliness inside our hearts that cannot be filled. They may be the feelings of love and appreciation for our beloved ones. They may be the messages we secretly wish to pass on to the people we like. The songs are our everyday emotions, stories of our common, average selves. As I was working on the album, I tried to focus on recording only what I really mean to say, and on making sure the songs are relateable so my fans can listen to them and feel like the tracks are very personal.

It’s not the greatest, but the most honest album. I am very fond of the result, so I hope a lot of people can enjoy.