Police find suspect who spread rumors of Lee Seung Gi’s secret child


    Police have found the suspect who originally started rumors that Lee Seung Gi has asecret child with a makeup artist.

    His agency Hook Entertainment stated on June 23, “Like many other celebrities, Lee Seung Gi has suffered rumors since his debut, but never responded as the rumors were untrue. However, this rumor was so seriously spread, we’ve decided to respond strongly. Though he hasn’t done anything wrong, Lee Seung Gi has suffered defamation of character, and a woman he doesn’t know has suffered damages. As we think it’s a criminal act and not just a joke, we have filed a complaint with the cyber investigation team. We will be taking legal action against the original rumor starter as well as those who maliciously spread the rumor.”

    Earlier in the day, it was found that an employee working for a major Korean mobile carrier began to write rumors about Lee Seung Gi in a group chat for work on June 21 and the 22nd. Employee A used a photo of another employee from a different department of the carrier, alleging the second employee was the mother of Lee Seung Gi’s secret child.

    Both Lee Seung Gi and the second employee have filed police reports against employee A.