Police question C-JeS President’s father for Park Yoochun sexual assault case


    News outlets have revealed that the police have finished investigating some witnesses related to the sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun.

    Baek Chang Joo, the president of C-JeS Entertainment which is Park Yoochun’s agency, was among the questioned individuals. Furthermore, Baek Chang Joo’s father and his father’s friend were also questioned. They were interviewed by the special Park Yoochun taskforce on June 21 and 22.

    Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault by four individuals. The first individual who pressed charges since dropped them. Following these accusations, C-JeS Entertainment filed a lawsuit for false accusation and blackmail against the first individual, her boyfriend, and her cousin on June 20.

    In the lawsuit, C-JeS Entertainment claimed that the first individual approached the agency and proposed a settlement prior to going to the police. Then both the agency and the first accuser revealed recordings regarding a settlement. The first accuser claimed that the agency actually brought up the settlement first.

    The 12-member taskforce will also be investigating these claims as a part of the sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun.