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Actor Kim Sung Min Mourned At His Wake


Actor Kim Sung Min’s wake was held on June 26 at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital’s funeral hall. The actor, 43, was diagnosed with brain death after attempting suicide in his home on June 24 after an altercation with his wife.

Comedians Lee Yoon Suk and Yoon Hyung Bin attended the wake late at night on June 26 to mourn the late actor. Both comedians worked with Kim Sung Min back in 2009 on KBS 2TV’s “Qualifications of Men.”

Musical actress Sunwoo, who also got to know Kim Sung Min from the show, expressed her condolences on her Instagram account. Her post reads, “This is a picture that Kim Sung Min drew of me five years ago. He wrote me a letter saying that I had a lot of smiles and tears, and cheered me on saying that my positivity was a good thing. I am sorry I could not be of any help when you were going through difficult times. Please be happy and laugh to your heart’s content without any concerns at that place. Please send my regards to my son when you meet him. R.I.P.”