Police reveal it’ll take less than a week to confirm if DNA evidence matches Yoochun


    KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ covered Yoochun‘s controversy.

    He was interviewed after his 8 hour investigation, where he said, “I’m sorry for concerning so many people. I will comply diligently to the police investigations.

    The police also said, “It won’t take longer than a week [to see if Yoochun’s DNA matches the evidence DNA]. There could be more investigations if needed.” Currently, the police are considering extra investigations because there is a lot to consider.


    A lawyer talked about Yoochun‘s controversy on ‘Section TV‘.

    MBC‘s ‘Section TV’ covered Yoochun’s recent controversy. The police had recently revealed that they were going to take DNA from Yoochun’s mouth to compare with the male DNA evidence, and that the process would take less than a week.

    However, even if the DNA matches, it would not be enough evidence to sentence Yoochun with sexual assault. A lawyer was interviewed on the show, who said, “The DNA evidence will only tell if Yoochun had sexual relations with the plaintiff. It’s not enough to prove that the relationship was forced.

    The lawyer added, “For sexual assault, how detailed and consistent the plaintiff’s witness is very important. Accounts of people that were at the same place, as well as the layout of the location can become very important evidence.