Yoochun has reportedly followed another woman to the bathroom


    According to woman ‘N’ as well as two more witnesses, Yoochun followed ‘N’ to the bathroom on the same day that ‘A’ accused him of sexual assault on June 4th. It turned out that Yoochun had actually followed ‘N’ to the bathroom first. ‘N’ is actually a stripper who danced for Yoochun’s group. She herself did not make any accusations toward Yoochun, but she’s already been investigated by the police and has given her witness.

    One employee at the location said, “‘N’ went into the bathroom to redress herself. Yoochun followed her with a bunch of 50,000 KRW bills (supposedly tip) held in his hand.

    Another employee said, “It’s true that Yoochun followed ‘N’ into the bathroom. But I don’t know what happened in there.