Papa YG Yang Hyun Suk shared the text messages between him and G-Dragon + hints at new Big Bang song!


    Yang Hyun Suk updated his Instagram on July 7 with a screenshot of the text messages and a caption that said, “#Typical conversation between the boss and the artist. #ygfamily #gdragon #nagging #I love you #BIGBANG #fullalbum #final steps to recording.” The cute conversation between G-Dragon and Yang Hyun Suk is as follows:

    G-Dragon: But hyung, I’ve been editing the lyrics twice and even three times. I wasn’t able to go because of rehearsals;; I wasn’t playing around TT

    Yang Hyun Suk: You’re talking about the past week… but I am talking about the past year. Well, okay. Take care. 

    G-Dragon: Yes, sir. I have completed editing the lyrics and am currently waiting for T.O.P hyung. But in my opinion, the story line is kind of obvious, so I am thinking about changing it to a whole different direction. I will complete recording as soon as I arrive. 

    Yang Hyun Suk: I love you 

    G-Dragon: kekekeke I love you more hyung ♥

    Well, Papa YG might be a bit of a nagger when it comes to work, but he also seems to be a caring boss to G-Dragon!