These Thrilling Women Go See-Through This Season


    Every year, so many fashion trends comes and goes. In summer, girls’ fashions get as hot as the weather. See-through looks attractive and voluptuous at the same time.

    Many are presenting themselves in various styles daringly revealing their body parts such as back and shoulder. Celebrities are also into the see-through fashion.

    What made them fall into see-through fashion? Here are some analyses from the stars’ looks.

    #Shin Min A

    Actress Shin Min A chose to wear black and white see-through looks. The white lacy turtle-neck blouse that reveals her underwear and black leather skirt showed off her unique style.

    [Editor’s Pick] If you are a first-timer trying see-through, choosing the right blouse is the most important duty. Too much revealing can make you daunted so you much look for adequate amount of revelation. A less showy see-through blouse can even be worn as your daily.

    #Jung Ryeo Won

    Actress Jung Ryeo Won wore a dress with interesting detail on the neck line, sleeves and the hem. Particularly, the romantic front side juxtaposed with the daring back of the dress which revealed her whole back emphasized her fashionable charms.

    [Editor’s Pick]
    What stands out the most in see-through fashion is the fabric itself. Even when it is covering the whole body, it looks sexy enough if it is in nice design. Also, it requires less courage to try compared to more revealing clothes.

    #Jung Yu Mi

    Actress Jung Yu Mi showed up to the production presentation of movie ‘Train to Busan’ in a see-through look. She exposed her slim body by wearing a black cropped top and lacy see-through shirt. She matched a full-skirt to complete her voluptuous style.

    [Editor’s Pick]
    If you want to be sexy and feminine, reveal your shoulders. It is much bolder than any other see-through styles. However, you should never forget that you are not at the beach yet. Do not forget to control how much you reveal.