Black Pink’s debut is about to get even more epic


    A source from YG revealed, Black Pink will release their debut song near the end of this month as of now. Following that, they will continously release new songs until December.”

    The source continued, “The music industry these days is focused on tracks, so when an album is released it is common for only the title track to receive attention. The songs that Black Pink has completed so far are all of amazing quality, so they will be split up and released separately.”

    The source further explained, “Teddy, who is in charge of producing Black Pink’s debut album, has been working on songs that suit Black Pink for the past two years. Currently, there are eight songs that have been finalized. Every song in Black Pink’s debut album will have a music video, so we are currently planning on filming at least eight music videos.”

    More details were revealed as the source said, “Black Pink has already filmed music videos for two songs. They are currently filming for another song. We are paying special attention to quality work for their songs and music videos as Black Pink have Korean and international fans in mind starting from their debut.”