Home News Lee Hi will hold her first Asia showcase

Lee Hi will hold her first Asia showcase


In April, she released a full album ‘SEOULITE’ after three years and as a part of her Asia promotion, she will throw ‘2016 LEE HI SEOULITE SHOWCASE’.

Starting from July 27 in Shanghai, China, she confirmed to tour Taipei, Taiwan on August 5 and more additional places will be revealed.

The Shanghai showcase has various events that she can communicate with 1,000 fans since it holds under the theme of mini concert. Moreover, Lee Hi will sing her hit songs such as ‘My Star’, ‘Breathe’, ‘1,2,3,4’ and others.

Although she never made activities outside of Korea since her debut, she is popular in China, so the mass public is paying attention to her work.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi is communicating with fans through various contents.