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Cube Entertainment is suffering from employee resignations


According to exclusive reports by media outlets on July 12, Cube Entertainment, home to artists like B2ST, HyunA, BTOB, CLC, and more, is currently suffering from a series of employee resignations.

Reportedly, several employees within the company have resigned from their positions or cut off communication with the label altogether, due to internal management conflicts. Sources suspect that the primary reason for the crisis is a recent emergency board meeting called to order by Cube Entertainment’s largest shareholder, IHQ.
The sudden loss of employees in the management department will inflict a direct hit on label artists’ comeback, debut, and promotion plans. Sources suspect that not only will HyunA’s solo comeback in August be directly affected, but rookie boy group Pentagon‘s debut concert, scheduled to take place in July, may also be in danger of being cancelled.
Currently promoting artist B2ST may also suffer from the recent crisis. Stay tuned for updates.