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Actor Lee Min Ki reportedly engaged in an investigation for sexual assault back in February


According to reports by Sports Chosun, Lee Min Ki, who was in the military for his mandatory service, visited a club in Busan back on February 27. At the club, he was introduced to woman A by an acquaintance, and had sexual intercourse with her later that night. Two days later on the 29th, woman A reported that she was sexually assaulted by the actor. As a result, Lee Min Ki went through an investigation with the police, and was ultimately found innocent.

On July 14, a rep from Lee Mi Ki’s label responded with, “First, we apologize for the unfortunate news. We are aware that anything we say at this point can easily lead to misunderstanding and controversy. It is true that Lee Min Ki went to a club in Busan. It is also true that there was a misunderstanding that led him to go through an investigation. Lee Min Ki actively participated for the case, and the woman who reported him later admitted to making a mistake, and even apologized. He was ultimately found innocent.”

The rep continued, “We believe the investigation is still ongoing with others who were also accused of sexual assault that night. Please, refrain from making speculations that can lead to careless misunderstandings. We hope Lee Min Ki will not have to suffer from irrelevant accusations.”