Kris’s newest movie ‘Never Gone’ bombarded with negative reviews due to his awkward acting


    Chinese media outlets are claiming that Kris‘s newest movie ‘Never Gone,’ in which he stars as the male lead opposite Liu Yifei, is being bombarded with negative reviews mostly due to Kris’s awkward acting and not living up to the original novel.

    The media stated that moviegoers have snarkily dubbed Kris as ‘Emperor Bellow’ as the film contains many scenes of Kris’s character yelling in a manner that is seemingly unnatural and awkward.

    When theses criticisms grew louder and more insistent, the director himself stepped up to defend Kris in an interview. The director admitted that there is more negative than positive feedback on the movie, saying, “I saw the scene of Kris yelling while returning money circulating [online]. People seem to be judging based on small part [of the movie]. Kris never received formal training for acting but his typically bright and charming self is very different from his character in the movie.”

    However, people remain unconvinced. Chinese netizens wrote, “I realized the director’s low standard when Kris was casted,” “Nowadays directors only care about the face and fans. What kind of philosophy is that?” “He can’t act, got no personality, and he is seriously ruining the morality of youth,” and more.

    What do you think of Kris’s acting in ‘Never Gone’? Is it truly as bad as Chinese netizens claim?