Actor Lee Jin Wook under suspicion of sexual assault + denies through agency


    Actor Lee Jin Wook (35) is currently under suspicion of sexual assault.

    On July 15, a source from the police stated a woman in her early 30s had filed a complaint against Lee Jin Wook for sexual assault on the 14th. According to the police source, the woman reported the alleged sexual assault to a One-Stop Service Center, a support center for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and the report was then transferred to the Suseo Police Station.

    The police are said to have yet to interview the actor or investigate the case. The source told media outlets, “It hasn’t been long since the incident report was transferred over, so an investigation has not yet started. We plan to summon Mr. Lee after interviewing the complainant.”

    Lee Jin Wook’s agency C&CO ENS also stated, “We communicated with Lee Jin Wook about the sexual assault related case, and he said it wasn’t true. He stated he’d never done such a thing. He’s been busy with endorsement shoots and more lately. We’d have to find out more details, but we’re taken aback.”

    Viewers may remember Lee Jin Wook from the drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ and the film ‘Time Renegades’. The actor has also pulled out of all awards ceremonies, including tonight’s ‘Award Ceremony for Stars who Shined in Korean Films’, until further notice.

    This sexual assault case is another in a string of cases against stars, such as JYJ’s Yoochun and actor Lee Min Ki.


    According to reports on July 15, Lee Jin Wook and A were actually dating prior to A reporting the actor for sexual assault. One insider stated, “A, who reported Lee Jin Wook for sexual assault, recently dated him. However, they’re currently not in contact.” Another insider said, “Lee Jin Wook was recently dating a girl, and then this unsavory incident happened. Though Lee Jin Wook did try to contact her, she’s not responding.”