Chanyeol uploads apology for downloading ‘Pokémon Gold and Silver’ illegally


    EXO‘s Chanyeol is caught up in a controversy for downloading ‘Pokémon Gold and Silver,’ a game meant exclusively for the Nintendo, illegally on his phone.

    This past July 16, Chanyeol had shared a clip of ‘Pokémon Gold and Silver’ on his Instagram with the words “I will have you.” When his followers saw this post, many of them pointed out, “That’s illegal game downloading,” “This is possible on your cell phone? Isn’t this illegal?” “Why is he admitting to illegal downloading?” and more.

    Chanyeol, seeing the comments left on his Instagram, quickly deleted the post; unfortunately, people have already taken screen captures of it and circulated online.

    When his post blew up and became a controversy, the idol wrote an apology. The apology goes, “Hi, this is Chanyeol!! The reason I’m uploading a post like this is to apologize to everyone!! First and foremost, I’m someone who really like games, and as a public figure, I think my sharing a clip of an illegally downloaded game was very irresponsible, and to those who use the original product and to others who felt offended, I apologize!! I will continue to be careful in many areas, and try to be Chanyeol who respects the original product!!