Home News IOI has been accused of rigging their ‘V’ app heart count

IOI has been accused of rigging their ‘V’ app heart count

They’d recently set a record for the most hearts ever on a video on their horror special. The video supposedly had around 9,000 views before the actual broadcasting, but gathered over 200 million hearts.


Fans immediately noticed something was fishy – artists such as BTS and EXO had less of a heart count on videos that had more view counts. For example, the below two videos have 1.5 million and 2.8 million views each, but have 110 million and 105 million hearts.

ioi_1468802244_Untitled-11 ioi_1468802244_Untitled-12

While it’s certainly possible that IOI fans might have given more hearts to the girls, others noticed something else strange. At 2:26 AM, the video had 195,953,691 hearts. Eleven minutes later at 2:37 AM, the heart count had jumped to 200,065,322, meaning that in the span of 11 minutes, the heart count had jumped by 4 million even though there were only 9,000~ viewers. This means they went up by 6,600~ hearts per second, which seems highly improbable.

ioi_1468802409_1222 ioi_1468802409_13333

What do you think about the accusations?