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Lee Jin Wook and his agency are repudiating the claims of the woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the actor


Lee Jin Wook‘s agency stepped up with an official press release on July 18, explaining that it was actually the woman who showed an interest in Lee Jin Wook.

The press release reads:

“The plaintiff continues to make false statements that Lee Jin Wook assaulted her so we felt the need to expose the truth; thus, we will explain what happened.

The plaintiff stated through a press release that she didn’t take any romantic interest in Lee Jin Wook, but during an evening meal with the actor on July 12, she told him, ‘I’m a big fan,’ and ‘I liked you for a long time,’ expressing her great interest in him and trying to earn his trust. In the early morning of July 13, the plaintiff messaged the acquaintance who had introduced her to Lee Jin Wook, suggesting that they visit the newly opened franchise restaurant in Gangnam district together, and even after she parted ways with Lee Jin Wook, she continued to exchange a very normal and routine conversation with his acquaintance in good spirits.

If [the plaintiff] was indeed sexually assaulted as her report states, she could not have acted in a manner which we described above. Additionally, we question why the plaintiff filed a report on July 14, the day right after she parted with Lee Jin Wook, and why she belatedly submitted a medical diagnosis on the night of July 17 after Lee Jin Wook sued her for false charges when earlier she’d claimed that she received medical treatment prior to filing her report.

Lee Jin Wook grieved about the unfair situation to his lawyer on July 15 as soon as he learned of the lawsuit, and in accordance to the police investigative schedule, he appeared before the authorities on July 17 and testified everything that he has experienced exactly as it happened.

As a public figure, Lee Jin Wook has determined to conduct himself in a more judicious manner, and wishes earnestly that through the strict ruling on this case which will reveal the plaintiff’s claims as false, he will no longer be victimized with unfair charges just based on the grounds that he is a celebrity in our society.”