Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By “A,” Claims Sexual Relations Were Consensual + “A” Is Submitting More Evidence In Case Against Lee Jin Wook


    On the evening of July 17, Lee Jin Wook went to the Suseo police station and submitted to questioning, which extended through the night for 11 hours. Lee Jin Wook was released at about 6 a.m. the morning of July 18.

    The actor was questioned both with regards to the sexual assault allegations brought forth by “A,” as well as his own complaint of false accusations.

    During questioning, Lee Jin Wook completely refuted all claims made by “A,” and, according to the police, gave a detailed account of what happened. He claimed that the sexual relations with “A” were consensual, denying the sexual assault allegations.

    Lee Jin Wook submitted screen captures of texts that he exchanged with “A,” and consented to taking a lie detector test at a later date as well as a mouth swab for DNA, which will be compared with the underwear submitted by “A.”

    Before going into the police station Sunday evening (July 17), Lee Jin Wook said, “For the sole reason that I’m a celebrity, I think [‘A’] thinks lightly of making false accusations. Making a false accusation is a big crime. I’ll cooperate to the best of my ability during questioning.”

    Meanwhile, “A” went in for questioning on July 15, and Lee Jin Wook countersued for false accusation on July 16.

    Considering the great contradiction between Lee Jin Wook’s and A’s testimonies, police will likely be calling both parties in the near future for additional questioning and lie detector tests.


    On July 18, the legal representative of the woman (hereafter referred to as “A”) who filed a complaint of sexual assault against actor Lee Jin Wook made a statement to news outlets that “A” would be submitting an injury report from the hospital to the police for evidence.

    Her legal rep said, “Yesterday (July 17), while Lee Jin Wook was being questioned at the Suseo police station, we submitted various pieces of evidence to the police, including photos of [A’s] body, bruises, damaged clothing, and photos from the scene.”

    “A” decided to submit the additional evidence on account of Lee Jin Wook’s non-repentant attitude, according to her legal representative. Lee Jin Wook has thus far adamantly refuted the claims made by “A,” saying that she is quick to make false accusations based on the sole fact that he is a public figure.

    The legal rep said to BizEnter, “If Lee Jin Wook sincerely felt remorse for his actions and apologized, there would have been no reason to submit the evidence. If Lee Jin Wook continues with this stance, we will be submitting more evidence.”

    In a similar statement to Star Today, the rep said, “Because we just want a sincere apology from Lee Jin Wook, we didn’t submit additional evidence. However, Lee Jin Wook’s response seems to be aimed at making ‘A’ look like a gold-digger, so we will be taking stronger action.”