Lee Jin Wook and his alleged sexual assault victim A gave both their sides on reported text messages


    Lee Jin Wook‘s side previously stated A was first to show romantic interest in the actor. On July 18, Channel A reported the actor relayed, “The plaintiff asked me to go to her house to fix something. She even sent me the password to her security door through SNS,” and further cited the text messages below.

    However, A’s side has also made a statement regarding the KaKao Talk messages. Her side told The Fact on July 19, “These aren’t messages sent to Lee Jin Wook. She sent a normal greeting to his acquaintance to see if the acquaintance knew of his crimes. The response she got was strange, which made her think the acquaintance was taking Lee Jin Wook’s side. She then cut off contact with the acquaintance.” In the messages revealed by Lee Jin Wook, A sent a morning greeting and a link to a newly opening restaurant. The acquaintance simply responded, “It’s close.”


    A’s side also revealed, “On the night of the incident, she received a call from a number she didn’t recognize. After deciding to pick it up, it was Lee Jin Wook. They didn’t even exchange numbers when they had a meal together. Though he offered to repair something in her home, she turned him down. He kept calling and asking for her address, and he even parked around the neighborhood to find her home.”