Crayon Pop has unveiled their brand new profile pictures!


    Crayon Pop revealed new individual cuts of each member through their official SNS. ChoAGummi, EllinSoyul, and Way, perfect the new look sans their helmets, where they look more mature, girly, as well as elegant.

    Crayon Pop have also recently opened up their own Instagram (@crayonpop_official_), and will be making a comeback real soon!

    Crayon-Pop_1468985027_Screenshot_2016-07-19_at_11.17.38_PM Crayon-Pop_1468985027_Screenshot_2016-07-19_at_11.17.41_PM Crayon-Pop_1468985030_Screenshot_2016-07-19_at_11.17.33_PM Crayon-Pop_1468985243_Screenshot_2016-07-19_at_11.17.20_PM Crayon-Pop_1468985243_Screenshot_2016-07-19_at_11.17.26_PM