Park Yoo Hwan sued by a woman for ending their common-law marriage


    The woman, A, claimed in her suit, Park Yoo Hwan ended [our] common-law marriage one-sidedly… I request that he pay compensation for mental and physical damages caused by his actions.”

    The two parties will be summoned to court this coming August 9. Regarding the news, Park Yoo Hwan’s label C-Jes Entertainment stated, “The lawsuit involving Park Yoo Hwan is a civil case, for which the verdict will be determined in court. We will do our best to prevent any defamation of character on Park Yoo Hwan during the duration of his court case. We will release an official statement once the court has come to a verdict.”

    Actor Park Yoo Hwan is also widely known as the younger brother of JYJ’s Yoochun. Stay tuned for updates.