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SE7EN is coming back with a new album


On September 29, his agency Eleven9 Entertainment said, “SE7EN will release new album entitled ‘I AM SE7EN’ on October 14.”

His activities took about 4 year and 8 months after his album ‘SE7EN New Mini Album’ in February 2012.

To depict his musical identity, he gave a special meaning to it as he named the album as ‘I AM SE7EN’. Particularly, he participated in writing lyrics and melodies for all the songs of the album and produced it.

On October 2, he will show the title song of his new album at ‘Busan One Asia Festival’ in Busan for the first time. Four days later, he will be on the stage of ‘Asia Music Network Big Concert’ of ‘2016 DMC Festival’.

Meanwhile, SE7EN’s ‘I AM SE7EN’ will be released on October 14 at midnight.