Home News MBLAQ’s G.O has revealed the agency J.Tune Camp no longer exists

MBLAQ’s G.O has revealed the agency J.Tune Camp no longer exists


MBLAQ have been on an unofficial hiatus since member G.O enlisted for his mandatory military duties in February of 2016, and remaining members Seungho and Mir are focusing on individual activities. Rumors say G.O has been frustrated with their agency’s actions or lack thereof.

The only other artists under J.Tune Camp, Mad Town, are now housed under a new label, and J.Tune Camp also faced controversy from fans due to the agency’s treatment of MBLAQ’s trophies in October of 2016. Considering the lack of MBLAQ news, many fans have been eager to get an update, and allegedly, G.O has given them some bad news.

In an alleged letter to fans on his fan cafe on February 14, G.O apologized to fans for the lack of news and opened up about his agency. MBLAQ have not promoted since ‘Mirror‘ in 2015, and in the rumored chat, the singer complained about J.Tune Camp for not following up on promises on 2 mini albums and a fan meeting. His explanation also mentioned he tried to use his own finances for a fan meeting, but J.Tune Camp was no help. The letter also stated, “I will let you all know that all three of us are not related to J.Tune Camp in terms of a contract. It’s because J.Tune Camp is gone.” G.O further said he’s been in contact with Seungho and Mir throughout the ordeal.

Stay tuned for updates on MBLAQ and confirmation about G.O’s alleged letter. What are your thoughts on the rumors?