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Luhan says ‘Do it again, I’ll lock your mouth’ to ‘China’s Best Paparazzi’ Zhou Wei


Luhan sent a strong message to ”China’s Best PaparazziZhou Wei.

Recently, Zhou Wei claimed that Luhan has a girlfriend and a child. Luhan spoke about the rumors during a recent interview and said, “A certain someone talking nonsense. I’ll admit that you’re China’s #1. You’re China’s #1. I’ll admit this. You all should know who I’m talking about. I’m impressed. Super impressed.”

Luhan laughed and revealed that he was very angry at first and that he couldn’t hold back. He stated, “I want to you know.. find them and.. but now there’s no way. What else can they do? Right? They can only do this. I could only gift them my latest song, right?”

He then cited the lyrics from ”Roleplay” and said, “You’re crazy boy. I can just gift them this song.” Luhan continued, “Do it again, I’ll lock your mouth.”