Are SECRET headed for disbandment?


    Fans have been waiting patiently for SECRET to make a comeback, but now the group’s future has been thrown into jeopardy.

    In late December, both Hyosung and Song Jieun removed “SECRET” from their social media bios, leaving fans to speculate that the once popular group could be coming to an end.

    On the bright side, member Hana (formerly known as Zinger) still has SECRET on all of her social media accounts. However, it should be noted that Hana’s still primarily known by the public for her work with SECRET, whereas both Jieun and Hyosung have transcended the group thanks to their successful solo careers.

    Han Sunhwa left SECRET back in 2016 to focus on her acting career, but TS Entertainment said in early 2017 that the group would make a comeback as trio that year. Unfortunately, that comeback never materialised.

    Adding fuel to the fire are TS Entertainment’s highly-publicised financial issues, which date back to 2014 when SECRET had their last comeback with “I’m In Love.” Last year, there were reports alleging that TS were late paying staff members.

    In addition to SECRET, TS is currently home to B.A.P, girl group SONAMOO, and the rookie boy band TRCNG. SONAMOO had several comebacks last year, but they were partially funded through crowd-funding platform MakeStar.

    Nothing is officially confirmed about SECRET’s future yet, so hopefully the girls can return as a trio this year. Fingers crossed!