Some think Sunmi’s latest hit may have borrowed bits from Cheryl’s “Fight For This Love”


    Sunmi made her comeback on Thursday night with “Heroine,” and while everybody is loving the track so far, some listeners have pointed out that it sounds a little familiar.

    K-pop fans on social media have noticed that parts of “Heroine” sound extremely similar to British singer Cheryl Cole’s 2009 chart-topper, “Fight For This Love.”

    While it’s definitely a stretch to say that the songs are identical, it’s hard to deny that the pre-chorus on both songs seem to share the same melody and vocal style.

    In other news, “Heroine” has been topping all of Korea’s major digital charts since its release on Thursday! It’s already hit the roof on Melon too, indicating that it’s going to follow in the footsteps of “Gashina” by becoming one of the year’s biggest hits.

    Anyway, take a listen to both “Heroine” and “Fight For This Love” and let us know if you think there are any similarities between the two!