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6 Of The Most Iconic K-Pop Idol Roommates


Sharing your bedroom with someone else will create a bond between the two of you forever. K-pop idols are no exception to that rule, and some of these roommates became legendary among fans because of their strong connection and extreme amount of affection for each other. These roomies know more about each other than we could imagine, and to be completely honest, we all just want a friendship like theirs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic roommates in K-pop!

2Suho and Sehun from EXO

Sehun might have already moved out, but this pairing of the group’s leader and maknae will remain legendary. They share a lot of memories together, but according to Sehun, not all of them are rainbows and butterflies. Although the youngest complained a lot about Junmyeon being messy and not cleaning enough, their bond still remained strong even after the separation.