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Yang Hyun Suk shocked fans by plans to debut 13-member group from ‘YG Treasure Box’


On February 7, Yang Hyun Suk posted a lengthy notice via YG Life‘s official website, under “From YG”. The producer unveiled that the top 7, winning members of ‘YG Treasure Box‘ – known as a 7-member group Treasure up until now – and the newly selected, 6-member second group, will debut together as Treasure 13.

Yang Hyun Suk explained,

“As I participated in YG Entertainment’s biggest trainee survival program in history since the creation of Big Bang, WINNER, and iKON, consisting of a total of 28 trainees, my biggest regret was being unable to bring aboard so many talented individuals with potential onto such a small boat. As a result, I chose to bring along another boat, and selected a total of 13 members.

The reason that a survival program is traditional within YG is that the producer, myself, can otherwise only have one chance per month to encounter the trainees through the monthly evaluation; however, this monthly evaluation is inadequate in grasping each trainee’s potential, charm, and strengths. Thus, I felt that I needed to be able to see these trainees through the eyes of fans, possible through a broadcast format. These are friends who will be here at YG for the next 10+ years after all.

I believe that to serve the perfect meal, you must get rid of overlapping dishes and create the best possible array of flavors which match well with one another. Even in soccer, teams do not play 11 strikers, and as such, the selection criteria of ‘YG Treasure Box’ was to choose members who would fit in each position and form a harmonized, balanced team.

This may come as a surprise to fans, but the final formation that I want in the end is a 13-member group.

To be more precise, they will first debut as a 13-member team called Treasure 13. The reason that I did not select 13 members from the get-go, instead dividing them up into two teams, is that I realized through iKON that more than 7 members means there are not enough parts for each of the members in one song, and members will only be able to sing a few short verses before they have to come off stage.

As a result, I plan to endorse Treasure 13’s full group promotions, as well as the two separate teams and their separate promotions, enhancing each individual’s capabilities and roles.

The biggest perk of being in the winning 7 of ‘YG Treasure Box’ is that the 7 have claimed the rights to the name Treasure; however, the two ships will sail toward a common goal in the end.”

As a follow-up to the announcement, here are more of Yang Hyun Suk’s answers to fans’ demands including the name of Treasure 13’s second group or “subunit”, as well as Treasure 13’s fanclub name, their pre-debut reality show, and more.

What is the name of the second, 6-member group?

“The name of the latter, 6-member group is Magnum. The Black Pink members mentioned the name on broadcast before, and it was also revealed that YG Entertainment registered the trademark for this name, so many of you already suspected this group name.

The name Magnum was chosen because they common say, ‘Drunk on music’ just like ‘Drunk on alcohol’ or ‘Drunk on the mood’, and among the best quality alcohols known, they call a double-sized, 1.5 L bottle of wine, Magnum.

I chose this name hoping that the world will become ‘Drunk’ on their music, and this name is also used to describe select gun models, so I felt that the name fit a boy group better than a girl group; it is a name I have been cherishing after we finished filing its trademark.”

What are the debut plans for Treasure 13?

“Treasure 13’s first debut is expected between May-July of this year, and I plan to nurture Treasure 13’s growth through continuous and offensive music releases.

After Treasure 13’s successful debut, Treasure and Magnum will go on to promote as two separate groups.”

Are there any pre-debut plans?

“On ‘YG Treasure Box’, announcer Jang Sung Gyu often used the comment, ‘Open The Treasure Box’. This phrase will soon be used as the title of a new reality program, depicting Treasure 13’s debut process as well as their daily lives. We are currently preparing for this reality program. It will air through ‘V Live’, YouTube, etc much like ‘YG Treasure Box’, in order to approach global fans simultaneously.”

Is there a fanclub name for Treasure 13?

“The three teams will have one fanclub name overall. The fanclub name is also a term which was used very often during the ‘YG Treasure Box’ broadcast – ‘Treasure Maker’. I feel that it is the most appropriate fanclub name, as Treasure 13’s growth and success will be made alongside the fans.”

What is the distinguishing point of Treasure 13 from their sunbae YG groups?

“Generation-wise, we can determine that Big Bang are YG’s 1st generation boy group, WINNER and iKON are 2nd generation, and Treasure 13 are 3rd generation.

A similarity to their sunbae groups will be that the members will participate in composing and writing lyrics for all of their songs.

In Treasure 13’s case, however, we do not plan to enforce the members’ participation in composing and writing their own songs; instead, we plan to utilize YGE’s production capabilities to their fullest. While an artist who composes and writes his/her own songs can become a great strength, it’s true that when the members are too busy and they do not have time or become stuck during the creative process, it can create a much bigger gap in their promotional breaks.

Just as our main producer Teddy is in charge of all of Black Pink’s music with some participation from our The Black Label artists, Treasure 13’s music will be created by YG producers, The Black Label producers, and our most recently created YGX producers, for a speedy creative process involving over 30 producers.

I ask for fans’ abundant attention and encouragements toward Treasure 13’s successful debut.

Due to time constraints, I will visit again tomorrow with news of Black Pink’s new music release.”