THE BOYZ – Awake (English Translation Lyrics)

12 months: 2023


I’ve obtained a growling thirst inside me
A want to be actual
Lend me your ear

Falling down
Darkish facet waking up
You opened the opposite facet of my guilt

The truth of a damaged dream
An ecstatic whisper in confusion
(Yeah so candy)
Destroy all the things that I firmly constructed up inside me

Now I’m solely going to be ruined
Swept away with only one gesture
So we will by no means cease
However increasingly more Awake like this
Give me that

I spotted a want that I didn’t even know the title of in my intuition
I’m so thirsty, give me extra, I need you, I need you The place u at
Shake me extra painfully
Tame me to kneel solely to you Need

You bought me feeling uncooked
You bought me feeling uncooked
You bought me screaming ROAR

Ah this freaking want This starvation It’s actual
Messing with my head
After I get goosebumps
The God of destiny that dares to be dirty
Now mine is the start of all of your youth
My shabby moist darkness
The ultimate steps in despair
Sorrow, that is manure blended in a rotten world
The tongue says: “In the event you’re mendacity, you’ll be punished”
So you’ll be able to’t escape the legislation you went towards
Now shout it out
Love is so tasty

Break it like this (Awake I really like this)
On and on and on and on
(On and on and on and on)
Escape Awake (Awake I really like this)
On and on and on and on
(On and on and on and on)

You possibly can’t surrender
Even when you get punished and lose
This love is stopless stopless
You higher stunning me ROAR
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Falling down, I dared to cross you
Open your eyes in bliss

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